Which Cryptocurrency is the best to invest in 2022

Which Cryptocurrency is the best to invest in 2022

Choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 can be a complicated task.

If you are just getting started in the crypto market.

Investors who are looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in during 2022 have a large selection of options. because there are no more tokens than ever before.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the top cryptocurrencies of the moment and considering how they measure up as investment prospects.

The last few years have seen an increase in the number of people who own cryptocurrency. If you’ve been watching the market recently,

Then you know that some investors have seen phenomenal returns across 2021 and many of the top coins, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, have seen record-breaking bulls, sending prices skyrocketing to unprecedented highs.

Blockchain technology continues to evolve.

DeFi has become a hot topic, and the trend for non-fungible tokens promises to change how digital ownership is viewed.

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has emerged as a new way to invest in traditional markets.

However, there are many different types of tokens that people can buy and sell. In 2022, this will continue to be an exciting time for potential investors, but they will need to learn more about the different coins on the market.

Of course, there is no way of telling which cryptocurrencies will explode in 2022.

But the aim of this article is to put together a list of the tokens we think stand a good chance of seeing price growth in the near future.

The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2022 – A Snapshot 

The cryptocurrency market is now more diverse than ever before, with tokens aimed at revolutionising everything from personal finance to video gaming.

Choosing which projects are likely to see the most success in 2022 is tough,

we believe any of the following contenders has the potential to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in during 2022: 

1. Bitcoin

2. Ethereum

3. Ripple

4. Cardano

5. Solana

So why those tokens in particular? To answer this, we want to study every assignment in a little more depth.

1. Bitcoin

An obvious choice, but while Bitcoin is the oldest token on the market.

it has shown that it still has a lot of snap on its tail.

The original cryptocurrency ran multiple bulls across the market in 2021.

Soared to all-time highs multiple times in October, hitting BTC. $ 67,276 breaks.

It’s the previous record for the year and is the highest price for a cryptocurrency token.

Of course, some might speculate that after hitting a record in late 2021, Bitcoin has nowhere to go.

However, BTC was trading at $ 61,231 at the time of writing, so we know it is able to fetch higher prices.

Many industry insiders also said the same thing in 2020, before Bitcoin had its most successful year to date.

If we look at analyst predictions for Bitcoin in 2022, it seems that the token is likely to do well.

2. Ethereum

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has gained so much momentum that it’s hard to imagine losing its position as the number two cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Many leading DeFi projects like Compound and Maker are actually based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum actually complements Bitcoin as part of a diversified investment portfolio. When it comes to Etheruem’s price predictions for 2022, most analysts are optimistic.

Other DigitalCoinPrice and WalletInvestor believe that ETH will grow up to 80% and a symbolic price of more than $. could reach 7,600.

3. Ripple

Ripple is often referring to as the ‘Bankers’ Cryptocurrency’.

Its main use case alone means it should be on the radar of every forward-thinking crypto investor.

The project aims to facilitate inter-currency transfers for banks and financial institutions.

A notable difference between Ripple and other cryptocurrency projects is that it is owned and operated by an organisation: Ripple Labs.

As it stands, most banks rely on the SWIFT protocol to send money between countries.

However, by leveraging blockchain technology, Ripple is able to provide faster, simpler and cheaper transfers.

Several major names are already on board, including Santader, AMEX and Standard Chartered.

Ripple has experienced some regulatory woes of late, but it seems to have ridden these out in remarkable fashion.

At the time of writing, Ripple’s XRP token was the 7th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, which stood at almost $50 billion.

Interestingly, whilst XRP has recovered well from legal entanglements in the latter half of 2020.

it is one of the few top-tier cryptocurrencies that did not post a new all-time high trading price in 2021. In theory, this means that Ripple still has plenty of room to grow.

The price predictions we have seen certainly suggest XRP could be on the up in 2022, with some analysts predicting that it could almost double in value by September 2022.

4. Cadano

Cardano was the world’s first peer-reviewed blockchain,

Its architecture has been scrutinised by some of the world’s top academic institutions.

Thanks to its smart capabilities and impressive technical credentials.

Until the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is finalised, Cardano is faster, cheaper and more scalable – making it arguably more desirable for emerging DeFi projects.


Between 1 January and 2 September, ADA went from around $0.18 to $3.09, representing a growth of over 1600% in less than a year and firmly establishing Cardano amongst the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Looking ahead to 2022, WalletInvestor believes that ADA will more than double in value,

Reaching an average trading price of $5.39 by the end of the year, following several months on an upward trajectory.

Elsewhere, DigitalCoinPrice has a slightly more reserved forecast, with Cardano almost doubling in value to $3.92

5. Solana

Solana is another so-called Ethereum Killer and when it was launched in 2020.

Its developers claimed it was the fastest blockchain in the world.

Capable of processing up to 50,000 transactions per second compared to Ethereum’s poultry 13 TPS.

As DeFi projects demand more and more speed to handle their usage volumes.

a platform that can boast this kind of speed has, in theory, a serious advantage over slower competitors. 

The project has already proved a hit with developers and despite its comparatively short existence, Solana has already attracted around 400 DeFi projects to its platform.

It also looks well placed to cash in on the burgeoning NFT trend, having recently launched its own native NFT marketplace. 

With regards to its price performance, it’s safe to say that Solana had a very successful year in 2021.

Coming from relative obscurity and trading at below $1.50 in December 2020, SOL had reached $56.20 by May 2021.

However it was after summer when things really took off and Solana surged 300% in December, hitting an all-time high of $291.05.

Whilst Solana is yet to prove its longevity,


The market changes extremely quickly and aside from perhaps Bitcoin and Ethereum, any leading project could potentially be usurped by a rival.

Any regulatory changes from the world’s major economies also have the potential to dramatically alter the cryptocurrency landscape.

That being said, it is the very dynamism of the cryptocurrency market that has made it so appealing to investors.

It’s also worth remembering that the cryptocurrency market is one of the most accessible there is.

Whichever tokens you choose to invest in, 2022 looks set to be the most exciting year yet for the cryptocurrency market and if analysts predictions are anything to go by, several of the top projects could see major growth in the coming months.

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