What’s New with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn recently released a new version of Sales Navigator. This powerful new tool is designed to help marketers gain insight from LinkedIn’s massive database of professional information. It can illuminate key opportunities and lead users to more beneficial connections. LinkedIn also recently overhauled its home page design to highlight the tool’s capabilities. This redesign also features two new feeds and filters.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has recently reconfigured lead pages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most effective social selling tools available. It helps sales professionals better target, understand, and engage with buyers. It can also help sales professionals stay on top of their accounts and engage with new prospects without needing to collect their contact information. And, with the new lead pages, LinkedIn has made it easier for sales professionals to track and qualify leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers advanced search features that let you target people based on a number of criteria. It also has no limit to the number of searches you can conduct. It also includes dynamic filters that allow you to see when someone changes jobs, mentions you in the news, or shares their experiences. This gives you more opportunities to customize your sales message.

It offers CRM integrations

CRM integrations for LinkedIn Sales Navigator help you automate data transfer between the two platforms. The system lets you set up triggers so that LinkedIn automatically adds contact details to a campaign or adds a new object in your CRM. These integrations are particularly useful for lead generation and lead enrichment, and you can use them to develop leads and convert them into customers.

Having a CRM system is an excellent way to increase sales. It allows you to track customer information and improve customer service. It also lets you keep track of your sales performance.

It has two feeds

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you the opportunity to follow the news about prospects and their companies. You can also filter out junk and save your targeted prospects to lists. This tool is part of LinkedIn, so you’ll want to use it responsibly. Use it wisely by targeting only the right people for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s user interface is separate from the standard news feed. It is also uncurated. It only shows the latest news from the contacts you’ve saved. You can filter it as needed. In addition to the news feed, Sales Navigator allows you to send InMails.

Sales Navigator also offers alerts. These alerts notify you of changes that affect your leads or accounts. These include account view updates, news mentions, and trending people. You can also prioritize these alerts and view them later.

It has new filters

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a new way to search for users in your LinkedIn groups. The new filters let you narrow down your search to the specific members of a group. For example, you can search for people who are mid-level marketing managers. You can also filter by industry experts. This way, you can identify prospects’ interests and introduce them to your network of industry experts.

Using the new filters allows you to narrow your search to people who are already interested in what you’re selling. You can also use Boolean operators to exclude people who work for freelancers. You can also target specific companies by using the company name or the industry they’re in.

It has a completely different dashboard

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for B2B sales professionals. Its streamlined dashboard provides sellers with critical insights that can help them close deals with a human-centered approach. This tool eliminates guesswork and sending cold emails to the wrong decision-makers. It unlocks the secrets of closing deals. In June 2019, the software was updated to provide even more value.

LinkedIn’s lead pages are similar to LinkedIn’s profile pages. They are specifically designed to help sellers qualify leads quickly. They include important information front and center, conversation starters, and suggested introduction paths. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also supports CRM Sync, a connection between your CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator that allows you to share information between platforms.

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