Buy Your Domain Name – From The Best Name Registry

Buy Your Domain Name - From The Best Name Registry

There are a lot of name registries on the market, so choosing the right Domin name is crucial for your website.

If You do not choose the right domain from the right name registry, You will be lose everything your business.

So we are going to help you to buy the right Domain Name from the right name registry.

What is the domain?

As a beginner, you have heard that if you want to create a website should have a domain. Do we know that now you are confused about what is the domain?

Let’s learn about

Internet is a giant network connecting computers or devices. Each computer can communicate with the other through the network.

How can find each other?

So, They are using an IP (internet protocol address) address to identify who they are? its a number like this

Remembering IP numbers is quite difficult. The domain name is invented to solve this problem.

Who is responsible for Domain name?

ICANN (Internet Corporation for assigned name and numbers) mange the Domain name system. ICANN allows giving the domain name to the registry, the name registry will be provided domain name and service to us.

Different type of Domain – help to buy best Domain

Of course, When you are buying Your Domain name from the best name registry, you have to understand the different options that they provide.

Let’s look up the type of Domain

  • Top-Level Domain (TLDs)
  • Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)
  • Generic Lop Level Domain (gTLD)
  • Second Level Domain (SLD)
  • Third Level Domain
  • Premium Domain

Key things Should kow buy your Domain name from the best name Registry

Maybe you’re going to start a new online business, a new brand, or stick with an existing business, then you’re going to buy your domain.

When you are buying a domain name it should be,

  • Brandable – It should be related your brand
  • Make it pronusiable – Easiy to Remember
  • Make it Short – It should be easy to tyep, say and share
  • Avoid to Double letters
  • Should be uniqe name

Let’s look,

What are the best name registry to buy your Domain name?

When I was a beginner to online business, I make a lot of mistakes buying some products to keep my business fresh. it was the same experience buying Domine name also.

There is some Domain registrar also, I never us again.

Here I will direct you to buy your Domain name best, secure, and cheap name registrar.

Let get started with the best one,


Since 2000 helping to customers to find the best Domain name and building block their online carrier. offers Domin name, Hosting plan, Email, Web builders, and Security services.

On the other hand, Their most popular feature is easily integrated with WordPress websites.

See below popular Domain extension of

Finally, I think buying your Domain name from it’s the best idea ever. So Getting touch with

02 Namecheap

Looking for the cheapest and best Domin for buy, It’s a Namecheap. Namecheap offers Domain, Hosting, Email, Security, and more services with the lowest market price.

Namecheap offers a .com extension below $10 per year, and also domain integrated email and full DNS access.

  • Free privacy protection
  • Domain name security
  • 24/7 customer supporting service
  • Full DNS
  • Free positive SSL certificate for one year

As an experience, I can recommend you to Namecheap is a reliable, secure, and cheap domain name registrar on the market.

So, Start with your long term carrier online with Namecheap products

03 Google Domain

Google Domain is most powerful and easy to use and also the price is competitive with other services, You can get privacy protection free forever.

There are DNS management tools for your Domain and DNSSEC with a single click, This is the most important feature with Google Domain names. It has 2-Step verification for additional protection for your Domain.

In addition, there are a few security features that include Google Domin.

  • Domain management sharing
  • Cloud DNS
  • DNS exporting
  • Email forwoding
  • 24/7 customer support

If you have the plan to buy your Domain with Google Domain then you will have additional security features with your business, So one of the best selections is a Google Domain name.

Let’s look at another Domain service for your selection.

04 GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the most popular Domain service provider in the market. This company is not only a Domain service provider, but it also provides Hosting service, Email hosting, web builder tools, Word press hosting, Website security service, and more. When we talk about price it is much higher than other service providers.

So let’s see what are the feature they have given to the customers with extra charges.

  • Full Domain privacy and protection.
  • Ultimate Domin protection and security.
  • ICANN.
  • Email Hosting.

If you are interested in GoDaddy features you can build whole your business with it.

05 Bluehost – (Buy yor Domin her)

Perhaps Bluehost is not a popular Domin name provider, It’s providing a Hosting plan with the free Domain name.

Bluehost registers its Domains through TUCOWS which is the second-largest domain registrar. So we can trust it will provide their service very smoothly.

Finally, if you feel well enough to buy a Hosting pan with free Doman, Go to Bluehost and start today.

Conclusion – ( Buy your Domain)

In this article, we have discussed What is the Domain name, Who is responsible for the Domain name. In addition, discussed different types of Domain.

Finally, We learned key things Should you know before buying your Domain name, then after we have pointed out the five best, secure, and cheap Domin services,

If you have any problems when your buy the Domin name upfront contact us here

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